ISL: ATK leads by giving penalty to Jamshedpur

Former two-time winner ATK also took the lead in the sixth season of Hero Indian Super League (ISL). ATK defeated Jamshedpur FC 3-1 in a match on Saturday at the Vivekananda Yuva Bharati playground. Indian player Roy Krishna scored two penalties, while replacement player Edu Garcia contributed one goal. All four goals in the match came in the second half, including three goals on penalties.

Under Antonio Habas, ATK devised tricks. So Jamshedpur veteran goalkeeper Subrata Paul was hit on the defense line. In the meantime, the Jamshedpur match was hit. ATK registered a hat-trick with a third consecutive win after losing to the opener.

This is ATK's third win in four matches and has lost one. They trailed FC Goa, Northeast United FC (8 each) and Jamshedpur, leading by 9 points. Jamshedpur suffered its first defeat in 4 matches. So their unbeaten series ended. Their 7 points were sustained with 2 wins and a tie. One of their numbers dropped. ATK jumped from number four to first.

ATK's Roy Krishna got the ball in center field after ten minutes of play in the second session. He started in front of the net. As he entered the penalty area, Tiris of Jamshedpur fell on the ground. Therefore, Punch Rahulkumar Gupta warned of the penalty. Krishna took the penalty and calmly hit the ball in the right corner of the net. At that time, Jamshedpur goalkeeper Subrat Paul missed the guess and leaned in the opposite direction.

After that, Tiri tried to restrain Krishna first, but Maura molested him as his horse continued to race. Therefore, a second penalty was awarded to ATK. Earlier, Jamshedpur players had already run, the umpires asked Krishna to take a penalty again. Krishna kept aiming, hitting the ball to the left of the net this time.

With five minutes left, ATK's David Williams casually dropped Neo Acosta. So Jamshedpur got a penalty, which was honored by Sergio Castell. ATK sealed the victory by scoring another goal in compensation time. Replacement player Edu Garcia scored the goal.

Jamshedpur defender Keegan Perera had to face a yellow card after ATK defender Prabir Das was illegally blocked in the third minute.

In the sixth minute, Jamshedpur goalkeeper Subrata Paul chipped in with a backpass. At that time, ATK forward David Williams tried to take advantage. Paul showed some precision, but the ball went out for a goalie.

Jamshedpur tried in the eighth minute. His middleman Petty got the ball to the left. He continued to change sides and hit a good ball in the middle. At that time Farooq Chaudhary jumped and headed in the net, but the ball hit the crossbar. The next ball was taken by the ATK player.

ATK had a great chance in the 19th minute. Praveer gets the ball to the right. On his beautiful cross pass, Williams headed for the jump, but it was uneventful.

Three minutes later, ATK made another nice move. Left-center linemen Javier Hernandez and forward Michael Susairaj led the way. Michael ran forward giving a pass to Xavier, but before he could get a cross pass, Subrata took control of the ball.

Meanwhile, the rains began to fall. Even the game was in play. Michael and Williams tried, but Michael Tolle fell into the penalty area. So he lost control of the ball.

With four minutes left in the middle, Jamshedpur defender Aritor Monroy made an outstanding save. Subrata could not predict how far the ball would go due to the wet field. Seeing his weak blow, Williams moved on. He also took possession of the ball and passed it to Roy Krishna. Xavier got a pass from this, but by then Monroe ran back and managed to catch the ball, blocking Xavier before the danger increased.

The second session started positively with ATK. In the 47th minute, Michael gave Javier Hernandez a left pass in the penalty area. Michael hit the net in front of Xavier with a clever backpass, but he was unlucky.

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