Cong's media agenda against free press, warns Jaitley

A'hostile media' was clearly one of those reason why credited by most Congress leaders privately because of the 2014 survey debacle.  At the summit of Anna Hazare motion whose obtaining ending was Congress, '' the afterward Congress Lok Sabha MP in Mandsaur Meenakshi Natarajan, a former aide in Rahul Gandhi experienced suggested to introduce a private member's invoice"The Printing and Digital Media requirements and Legislation monthly bill, 2012", that experienced stricter provisions such as punishment and fine for those press businesses.

 Now the Congress brutally wants to fortify this by permitting a Code of Conduct on policy of the occasion of federal attention," Jaitley explained.
Nevertheless, since the monthly bill resulted in lots of criticism, Congress had been swift to distance from this.  But, BJP experienced latched on to it, attempting to paint Congress because Anti Media.
BJP's all-purpose assault on Congress on networking dilemma stems from the background of continued mention by Congress leaders which includes Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi concerning the way social press will be gagged from the Modi regimen.

Implementing the hints"anachronic" and"perhaps not only in song with the days ",'' Jaitley, who's also an former info and Broadcasting Minister remembered previous Prime Minister overdue Indira Gandhi's"fervent kiss free of press" and realising the Congress at 1960's and 70's experimented many"mis-adventures with media".

De-bunking the complaint, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday attracted the parallel of Agency to buttress the purpose that"curtailing media freedom was a convention of Nehru-Gandhi spouse and children".

He declared that social press chapter in Congress comprises hints that'll"govern and prohibit completely free journalism along with differently multiplicity of social websites".
Congress had some time ago established a societal networking effort"Daro Mat" (Do not be fearful ) at 20 17, which its spokespersons have been speaking to share with social press maybe not to panic at"exposing" the us government.

From the manifesto, the Congress has promised to pass on a legislation to"curtail monopolies" from social press, cross-ownership of distinct sections of social control and media of all social network from additional small business organisations.  At the moment, lots of information stations and press residences are possessed by industrialists, which Congress considers, are near to this Modi dispensation.
Jaitley on Thursday called this Congress manifestos' asserts to curtail monopolies also to pub cross-media holdings, to hit the resistance party when planning on carrying steps"to confine completely free media".
Certainly the allusion was on the tenure of Modi administration when Congress spoke about"immediate past".
Gag Compared to Completely Free press issue 

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